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Maintain a sufficient level of immune support.


To be effective your immune systems needs the appropriate fuel – in the form of the correct nutrients. How to delivery these nutrients has been the focus of intensive academic and clinical research over the last year and a half. And the evidence is increasingly clear – you can take action to enhance your immune response to the novel viruses of concern and other immune stresses.


To this end, we now recommend the "Immune Support Packets" from Designs for Health, a forty year old FDA-registered nutrition company that has been a leader in science-based formulations for a wide range of health concerns. The once-a-day dose packs of the key nutrients for immune enhancement makes taking this action simple and cost effective. 


Contact me to schedule a 15 minute phone consult to review cautions and contraindications before starting this or any new product.



1. On return to your home, take your shoes off at door or outside; and wash your clothes as soon as possible. Ideally, also take a shower. Disinfect door knobs. 

2. For disinfecting use a dilution of Vital Oxide or fully strength Ever Clear, available at most liquor stores. This can be used on high touch surfaces once (or more) a day. These substances are less toxic than rubbing alcohol.

3. Use HOCL in nebulizer and/or fogger. Fog each room 15 minutes a day.

4. Use propolis in a diffuser. (This is recommended if you suspect mold in your home.)

5. Consider a salt water (or HOCL) throat and nose rinse after traveling outside your home. HOCL can also be sprayed directly on your skin and in your eyes. HOCL has been shown to significantly reduce virus and prion loads within 30 seconds of contact.

According to FDA policy, nothing in this information serves as medical advice and nothing in these recommendations has been approved by the FDA. These suggestions do not imply a cure for COVID-19 or any disease. There is the potential for drug/herb/nutrient interactions, so please check with your doctor before taking supplements.



To schedule the initial phone meeting and order "Immune Support Packs" send an email to:

or use the contact button at:

To order HOCL from Briotech go to:

This product can be sprayed on the face, eyes, throat. Briotech also makes a mouth wash which will reduce the viral load in the mouth.

For a fogger go to:  You can use the HOCL in this machine. You can make your own HOCL with the Force Of Nature or Exolox machines ( You can make a non-toxic general home surface cleaner with Force of Nature ( You can also use a regular humidifer to diffuse HOCL if you don't have a fogger. Make sure your home environment stays between 40-50% humidity. 

For topical disinfectant order Vital Oxide:

To order a propolis diffusor go to:  This company also carries propolis tincture and throat spray.  Do not use propolis if you are allergic to bees.

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