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Key home hygiene practices

1. Take your shoes off at door or outside and wash clothes (or place in a closet for a few days) as soon as possible. Take a shower. Wipe door knobs (on return to home and knobs used frequently during the day). Open mail outside or in a designated place away living spaces.

2. Use Vital Oxide or alcohol disinfectant on non porous surfaces a few times a day.

3. Use HOCL in nebulizer and/or fogger. Fog each room 15 minutes a day. This product can also be used in a topical spray for vastly reducing skin, nose and mouth viral loads. Use only Briotech HOCL for topical application.

4. Maintain humidity at a level to reduce disbursion of viral particles and yet not provoke mold growth. Ideally maintain as close to 50% humidity as possible.

5. Use propolis in a diffuser.

6. Maintain central heating/ventilation/air conditioning filters and, as possbile, increase outside air ventilation/outgassing.

Ordering information

To order HOCL from Briotech go to:

This product can be sprayed on the face, eyes, throat. They also make a mouth wash which should also reduce the viral load in the mouth/bronchial tubes.


For a fogger go to:  You can use the HOCL in this machine. You can make your own HOCL with the Force Of Nature ( or Exolox machines ( )


You can also use a regular humidifer to diffuse HOCL if you don't have a fogger. You can not use these products in an essential oil diffuser.


To order a propolis diffusor go to: This company also carries propolis tincture and throat spray. 

​For topical disinfectant order Vital Oxide: or use alcohol (isoproply or grain/Everclear).

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