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Herbs and Minerals

What is Integrative Medicine?

The overriding principle of Integrative Medicine is to "follow the logic of the body" by treating the root cause of a disease and focusing on prevention. A wealth of research over the last decade has shown that toxicities of various sources, chronic infections, lack of key nutrients and food sensitivities can trigger significant health problems. 

In Integrative Medicine, the first step is to look for the cause of a disease and foster the ability of the body to heal itself. Using specialized lab tests and genetic analysis we can now we can evalute these triggers and develop personalized, preventive treatment plans to both address and prevent chronic health issues.

"Hannah provides a thorough evaluation and clear recommendations in a calm and very professional manner.  The results of her assessment tools are applicable in the real world which allows patients to find the best path to health." 

Dr. Michael Lewis MD, MPH, MBA, FACPM, FACN

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